Vote for Women

As we approach a landmark moment in Irish history, the creatives of Ireland are wielding their talents as a form of political expression. Not only is 2018 significant as the year that the people of Ireland will vote on the Referendum to Repeal the Eight Amendment, but it also marks the centenary that Irish women gained the power to vote. Now, 100 years later, we are being asked to exercise this right to vote with the potential to make yet another crucial impact on Irish history and the lives of countless women in Ireland.

Two Dublin women expressing such creativity are Katie Kidd and Avril Delaney, an art director and copywriter duo, who have paired their skills to encourage the people of Ireland to register their vote in the upcoming referendum. Aptly called Vote for Women, the project pays homage to the 1918 suffragettes who used the slogan “Votes for Women”. Vote for Women reimagines this concept, giving it new meaning: a vote to repeal the Eight Amendment is a vote for women’s well-being.

In 1918, getting the vote changed history.

In 2018, using your vote will change it again.

Delaney and Kidd created a series of assets including a video, a zine and a digital online presence. The video presents a powerful call-to-arms; “In 1918, getting the vote changed history. In 2018, using your vote will change it again”. The zine (which some of you may have spotted at our last coffee|culture event) reminds people of the importance of using their vote, guiding readers on the registration process. The website provides people with a digital version of the zine which people can be downloaded and shared with others. The zine can be unfolded and transforms into a poster or protest placard.

Next week Vote for Women will host a week-long exhibition with all proceeds going to the Together for Yes campaign. The Art of Protest will take place in Hen’s Teeth on Fade Street from 10-17 May. The event will present a group exhibition and interventions including panel discussions and artist talks, with more announcements on the Vote for Women Facebook page. Artists include Marina Esmeraldo, Fatti Burke, Or Studio, Molly Keane, Jennifer O’Brien, Sarah Woods, Jacky Sheridan, Cesca Saunders, Emma Conway, Shauna Buckley, Aisling McDonnell, Keelin Coyle.

If you’re not registered to vote; click this link, get informed and get to work, you have until May 8th. If you are registered; take a moment to consider how the outcome may affect you, or those you know, and what it will mean for the future of women in Ireland and use your vote wisely.

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