Episode Three: Film and Funding

Episode Three features Claire Byrne, Jo Halpin and Emma Wall of Alfonso Films. We had a brilliant chat with Alfonso -uncovering some hilarious secrets; like the time Jo and Emma (successfully) pitched to Bumble by threatening to put a hex on the judges, to the inspiration behind their name.

Have a listen, I’m sure you’ll agree that Alfonso are forces to be reckoned with!

Alfonso Films

Claire Byrne, Jo Halpin and Emma Wall form a filmmaking trio with collective passion and enthusiasm for all facets of Irish film. Their process is particularly interesting as their positions vary from production to production; swapping from writer to producer to director. 

With early beginnings borne from the Filmbase training course, Alfonso have worked on various shorts, screened at festivals and events throughout Ireland. Their debut short film ‘Spent’ appeared in the Women in Television and Film Ireland Showcase in 2018, and they have been selected as Bumble’s five shorts for the first ever Female Film Force.


Episode Two: The Process of Riso and Collaboration

For Episode Two of The Other Podcast, Deirdre and Jane chatted to Kate Brangan and Jo Little of Or Studio. We learned the highs (a lot of these) and the lows (very few of these) of setting up a studio with your best pal, the subtle art of critique and being your own boss. 

How can we criticize while being kind? What does the process of riso entail? And is it pronounced rhi-zo or rhee-zo? Explore the fine art of risograph printmaking in Episode Two of The Other Podcast.

Or Studio

Or Studio are a duo of designers and print-makers who established themselves as friends and visual communicators during their undergraduate studies at IADT. After a ten-year hiatus of studying abroad and working in various studios, Kate Brangan and Jo Little decided to pair their skills and resources to fill a gap in Dublin. 


Episode One: A Cause for Conversation 

To kickstart the first in a series of projects designed to address gender disparity in the creative industry, we invited Katie Kidd and Avril Delaney to chat about their self-initiated side project and their day jobs in the advertising industry. 

How did they tackle Vote for Women on top of their day job? Who do they look up to? How can women be more supportive in the workforce? Listen to find out. 

Vote for Women
Avril Delaney and Katie Kidd are a copywriter and art director duo from Boys and Girls who initiated Vote for Women, a foldout zine and poster that educated and informed in the lead up to the Referendum to Repeal the Eight Amendment.

Avril and Katie have a wealth of experience working on large international campaigns, with Katie being awarded the 2018 Greenhorn for most promising creative by The Institute of Creative Advertising & Design (ICAD) and Avril being shortlisted for a Cannes Lion for her work with Three Ireland.

The Audio 

Sing Hey Love is a 2016 track by the wonderful Æ MAK. Led by Aoife McCann with support from Daniel McIntyre, Dylan Povey and Peter Kelly – Æ MAK’s otherworldly soundscape fuses punk-esque energy with tribal rhythms, soaring synths and lush vocal harmonies.

Having recently being awarded as the first band to participate in Festival Republic’s ReBalance initiative, Æ MAK are passionate about gender equality in all disciplines with a firm focus on the music industry.


The Other Podcast is the first in a series of initiatives aimed at empowering women in the creative industries.

Through the manifestation of talks, events, workshops and a podcast we intend to equip women with the skills needed to advance in their careers. 

This is not another talk series; this is an opportunity for us to position ourselves as equals in this industry.