The Side Project

After years of trying to work on a side project, Sam and Caomhán joined forces to create the side project. The first of a series of events/workshops taking place in Charlotte Quay each week on a Saturday. the side project is fuelled by creativity, caffeine and a damn good brunch.

1. What inspired you to set up the side project?

I think we were inspired by our own history with side projects. We knew the positive effects having one had on us down the years. Whenever our heads were melted with work or we were having a quarter life crisis, we could always turn to our own projects to clear our heads. It made us feel like we were actually making progress at chasing a dream, as cheesy as that sounds. However, we knew how hard it was to get motivated to work on something in your own time – so it felt like there was a need for this community, or place for support on all things passion projects.

2. Why did the two of you decide to collaborate on this project?

The two of us have been friends since primary school and have always wanted to work on a side project together. We had a few ideas down the years, but never stuck with them. Our initial excitement would dwindle because we’d only meet sporadically, and the ideas would be put on the
back-burner. As it says on our website, “work, life, Netflix and gin got in the way”. Finally, we started meeting once a week until we cracked something. We soon found out the power of having somebody to hold you accountable for your progress. It’s harder to procrastinate when you’ve got somebody to answer to! That realisation brought us to the idea of our side project being
a way to help others with their side projects.

3. Can you tell us more about the format?

On a Saturday morning we gather together creative types in one of the many cool restaurants around town for breakfast. It’s two hours to dedicate to a passion project. A place to get inspired whether you’re progressing an idea, or figuring out a new one.

We also bring in speakers each week. Maser and Vanessa Power are this week, with Jim Fitzpatrick gracing us with his presence next week, so we’re pretty excited about that. People can book 1,2,3 or 4 workshops at a time, so you can just pop in once for some inspiration, or return every week if you’re looking for that accountability factor. Either way you’ll have fun and meet some nice people.

4. What would you like your guests to take away from it?

We’d like our guests to be motivated and inspired to make time to work on whatever passion projects are on their minds. Whether that be something they’ve had cooking for a while, or a completely new idea. In addition to that, our aim is to make them feel supported by us, and by the side project community that we’re trying to create. And failing all that, we just hope they leave with a full belly having had a nice morning.

5. Aside from the side project itself, has the event inspired either of you to pursue another path beyond your day job?

I think preaching about the benefits of side projects has definitely inspired us to keep plugging away at our own passions outside of work. You have to practice what you preach and all that.

Saying that, I wouldn’t let the name fool you, the side project is very much front and centre of our spare time, so it’s hard to look beyond it at this moment of time.

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