The Other Project

2018 was a liberating year for women in Ireland.
It marked the centenary of women’s voting rights.
It was the year women were given entitlement over their own reproductive systems.
It was also the year we realised that the gender pay gap widened, with women receiving 14% less pay than men.
If women are still seen as equals in the eyes of our society then why aren’t we perceived as equals in the workforce?

The Other Project is the first in a series of initiatives designed to address gender disparity in the workforce. Through the manifestation of projects, events and a podcast; we want to equip women with the skills needed to advance in their careers using expert insight and opinion.

This is not another talk series; this is an opportunity for us to position ourselves as equals in this industry.

The Other Podcast
The Other Podcast is the first in a series of initiatives aimed at empowering women in the creative industries. Since its inception in June 2018, The Other Podcast has highlighted creative solutions designed to address gender inequality spanning across advertising and activism, printmaking and collaboration, film and funding, and design and diversity with many more in the pipeline.


The Other Mentoring Programme
The Other Mentoring Programme aims to provide practical solutions to the everyday reality of the glass ceiling with particular reference to the creative industry. The programme is designed to facilitate connections between women at both ends of the career ladder bridging the grey area between college and the professional workforce. Commencing in March 2019, ten well-matched mentors and mentees are currently participating in a four-month programme with the intention of nurturing long term professional relationships; evolving from mentoring into guidance and collaboration.


Where did the idea stem from?
Deirdre Rawle and Jane Gleeson met while studying Visual Communication and Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. The duo discussed various projects, eventually deciding to collaborate as a designer and event manager for International Women’s Day 2017; an event that saw seven creative women discussing their achievements to a packed out audience at The Liquor Rooms.

Since teaming up for ‘Women in Design: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling’ Deirdre and Jane have both identified the grey area between collegiate education and the professional workforce. Through hands-on research and discussion amongst their peers, Jane and Dee realised that this issue was particularly evident for females in the industry. It’s this realisation that led to the creation of The Other.

Inspired by Simone de Beauvoir’s concept of the “woman as other”. In the second sex (1949), de Beauvoir states that gender is not an essential characteristic of people, but rather something that one becomes through socialisation. Women have been conditioned to play a certain role in the workplace, we want to tackle this perspective to restore balance to the workforce.