Steve McCarthy

Steve McCarthy is a Dublin based illustrator, animator and all around nice guy. Having grown up amongst a family of film-makers, Steve is a story teller who brings narrative to life through the medium of illustration.



1. Can you describe your creative process in three words?

Hubris, Panic, Kismet.


2. If you weren’t an illustrator, what career path do you think you would have taken?

I think I would still be making something; probably cooking or perhaps film – my whole family works in the film business and I love anything that directly taps chaos to create poetry. Or a magician! I could have been the world’s greatest mediocre magician.


When you do free work, you are the one paying, so invest wisely.


3. Can you name your favourite commission or project to date?

I drew a picture of a man tipping over while taking a drink then my friend Alex the beer maker used it for his Coffee and Oatmeal Stout. I would like all my commissions to come out tasting that delicious. The stout was called Farami, it looked and tasted like my first stout felt.


Whiplash Farami


4. How do you overcome creative blocks?

I usually take a shower.


5. What advice would you give to someone hoping to become an illustrator?

Lets see, the basics: Success is built on a foundation of failure, Your last job is your entire portfolio. Always do your best work. When you do free work, you are the one paying, so invest wisely. If you can’t do something, make friends with someone who can. Getting better IS your job. There are better jobs to make money, but money can’t buy you this job. Nobody gets to tell you you’re an illustrator but you, so get drawing. Keep a list of good advice in case anyone ever asks, and you want to sound clever. Exercise.

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