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It’s predicted that by 2020, 50% of the US workforce will consist of freelance and self-employed workers and with 85,000 Irish creatives said to be working for themselves, Ireland is certainly set to take a similar path. But what is attracting Ireland’s creatives to pursue a career with such precarious prospects?

Eleonora Bigi and her partner Luca Amoriello migrated from Milan to Dublin on a temporary basis, giving themselves a six month settling period before they set sail for bigger pastures. Within two weeks they were snapped up by a pair of Irish agencies BigO and Boxever, securing permanence in the Irish workforce.

Self-employment provides designers and creatives with an element of freelance fulfilment, independent workers are given the flexibility of choosing their own clients and the direction of their work — but let’s not forget that freelancers also depend on precarious workflow and typically start off with little salaries, a toppling workload and a lack of employment benefits from health insurance and pension schemes to the issue of having to do one’s own accounts. Luckily for Eleonora and Luca, they get the best of both worlds.

To keep their collaborative spirit alive, Eleonora and Luca combine their specialised disciplines of digital and online to concept and print, behind the pseudonym of Studio Nugno. With an approach to work that is all encompassing, the team provide a rounded experience for each client working with them from start to finish, to create a final product that is streamlined, minimal and above all — simple and impactful.


Sidd & Laine logo

Over the past year Nugno have awarded themselves an impressive portfolio of clients stating that their favourite piece to date has been their logo design for Sidd & Laine  – which was selected for the LogoLounge V10  in 2018, from amongst 40,000 competing projects. Each application was reviewed by a stellar judging panel of design superstars including Andreas Karl, Aaron Draplin, Von Glitschka, Alex Tass, Chad Michael, Yo Santosa, Emily Oberman, Su Mathews Hale, Felix Sockwell and Alex Trochut.


Sidd & Laine

Studio Nugno recently launched their updated website and online portfolio giving prospective clients and design buffs a visual treat, for the viewer to digest and appreciate. The website provides insight into the development of each project from its inception as a brief to the solution given by the Nugno team.

Evident from Nugno’s portfolio is their passion for indulgent luxury brands, as they say that their dream project would be to work on the finer things in life from jewellery, hotels and yachts to museums, art and galleries in the Arts and creative sector.


Amanda Coogan

Studio Nugno are currently seeking stimulating projects and creative collaborations to enhance their existing portfolio, so have a look as it’s very refreshing to discover an early stage studio that are succeeding to create a portfolio that is simple, succinct and sophisticated.

You can find out more about Elenonora and Luca and their collaborative work on Behance and Instagram.

La semplicità è l’ultima sofisticazione – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

     -Leonardo Da Vinci

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