Show Some Heart

Boys & Girls’ latest ad campaign asks people to “Show Some Heart” in the fight against Cardiovascular Disease


Cardiovascular Disease is Ireland’s leading killer, affecting at least one in three people at some point in their lives. Though most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by identifying behavioural risks such as smoking, unhealthy diet and obesity; 30,000 lives are lost from it each year. This February the Irish Heart Foundation are urging people to “Show Some Heart” to raise awareness and €250k in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

The concept is simple; purchase a temporary tattoo in Insomnia or Daybreak and your donation will go directly towards the Irish Heart Foundation. With approximately 40% of the Irish under 40 population wearing at least one tattoo, the campaign seems like the perfect excuse to wear your heart on your sleeve whilst enlisting in the  fight against cardiovascular disease.

The creative team behind the idea, Mikey Fleming and Sam Moorhead have collaborated on various above the line campaigns with Boys & Girls; from a series of ads for Aldi Ireland including As Irish As and the Aldi Kids Rugby Panel, which aired on live TV during the intervals of the RBS Six Nations in 2017. In order to bring Show Some Heart to life, Sam and Mikey pulled a stellar team together to create a campaign that focused on real people who have been directly or indirectly affected by heart disease.

Notable for shooting into international stardom after producing the set design for The Grand Budapest Hotel, Annie Atkins is a Dublin based Graphic Designer for “Film, Games and Real Life”. Mikey, who art directed Show Some Heart was keen to work with an Irish designer with an international presence “who would bring a level of craft to the tattoo”. Atkins was asked to create an “eye-catching, bespoke, temporary heart-shape” that can be temporarily transferred onto the skin. She used Linocut to achieve the tattoo effect, with the words “Show Some Heart” and a miniature heart walled within a print reproduction of a biological heart.

It came with the horrible fact that heart disease is the single biggest killer in Ireland and people aren’t aware of it. So we needed to change it and get into people’s heads.

The film ad features a series of candidates from varied ages and walks of life, who have all been affected by heart disease or stroke. Shot in a brief but potent period of one minute, the ad highlights how evident the disease is in our daily lives in Ireland. Directed by Peter O’Brien of Motherland, Show Some Heart succeeds in merging contemporary film-making with awareness of our health which is what the creative team from Boys & Girls aimed to achieve. The film promotes the campaign to a wide audience, regardless of age or demographic.

Show Some Heart spans across several mediums between out of home activation to film and print. UK photographer Elliot Wilcox was asked to bring his unique eye to the campaign, having previously worked with the likes of  Nike, Adidas and Urban Outfitters. Wilcox piqued the interest of Sam and Mikey as his portfolio “captured real people in real environments and would bring a sense of the sitter’s personality into his work”, the result shows that Wilcox’s use of street style photography takes the idea of heart health out of the hospital wards into everyday life.

Show Some Heart will run throughout the month of February bringing heart health to the streets of Dublin, to our arms, legs or wherever you choose to apply it, and to the Irish airwaves in partnership with 2FM. Show Some Heart aims to highlight the fact that a temporary tattoo can make a permanent and positive change. To buy a tattoo or do a little more, check out The Irish Heart Foundation and make sure to #ShowSomeHeart.

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