Session Moths

A new Instagram series is hitting devices and screens across the nation with the release of Session Moths

The five-part mini-series was born on the back of the LIT Ladies exhibition last October; when creators Katie Kidd and Georgia Murphy submitted a riso print of the aforementioned ‘session moths’. The theme of the exhibition was based on the renowned slang term “Keep her lit”, which became a focal point of inspiration for the creators.

We instantly loved the idea of visualizing this well-known Dublin slang. Moths? In heels with a glass of wine in hand? Hilarious!

Katie and Georgia, an art director and copywriter from Boys & Girls, teamed up with Alex Murphy on animation and Dean Jones from Raygun on sound; to bring the project to fruition. A collaboration through and through, the four also chimed in to coordinate voice-acting for each character.

“We approached animator Alex Murphy to work with us on bringing our moths (who are named after us — Katherine and Gina) to life. We recorded dialogue and mixed sound with Dean Jones at Raygun. It was a collaborative process throughout. We were adding bug-related jokes up to the very last minute!”.

The series follows the escapades of two session moths out on the town, jam-packed with humorous puns and comical one-liners. New episodes of the show will be released every Friday over the next five weeks, and we’ve heard the third episode is specifically not to be missed.

Watch Episode One below and follow new episodes as they unfold on Katie and Georgia‘s Instagram accounts.