On the Fringe

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Two-weeks of unadulterated performance returns to Dublin with a focus on the fresh, the emerging, the trailblazers and the courageous; destined to catapult into creative fame by the end of their shows. The Dublin Fringe Festival have curated another astronomical programme of events from cabaret to comedy, spoken word to music, circus performance to improv and everything in between.

To prepare for the inevitable, we’ve lined up 10 must-see shows to book before tickets sell out. Which they are guaranteed to do.


Confirmation, photo credit: Brian Teeling.


A coming-of-age musical exploring the timeline of events that shaped Xnthony’s culmination from confirmation at 12 years of age to the day that Roscommon voted no in the Referendum on Marriage Equality. A bittersweet ode to the notion of home exploring facets of development, feeling and belonging through the lens of an artist.



Meltybrains AV Show

Escape into an ethereal audio-visual performance in collaboration with Meltybrains and Algorithim. Cloaked behind four iconic Meltybrain masks, the band will fuse eclectic notes and sounds resulting in an explosion of aural and aesthetic otherworldlyness.




Stuff, things, junk – do we really need it all? Hoarded in the corner of a room, Billy is designed to shelve the things that we don’t really care about or need. Or do we? Developed by Sarah Gordon and Alice Malseed for Scene + Heard 2018.




An artillery of high-powered performance by Femme Bizarre. Dive into the weird, the wonderful, the unexplained and the damn-right ferocious with  a two-person circus troupe led by Kate Finegan and Jade O’Connor.




A self-documented snapshot of transition, as 18-year-old Ayesha Ahmad bridges the gap between final exams and college in parallel with a transformative new-Ireland. Produced as part of the Young Radicals strand of work curated in collaboration with Collapsing Horse.


I am Dynamite

Two-days of creative conversation and performance spearheaded by Roisin Agnew, editor and producer of Guts Magazine, focused on the theme of dissent. An arousal of discussion and debate among artists, designers and performers including Gary Gannon, Roisin Kiberd, ​Rosa Abbott, Emmet Kirwan and Grace Dyas.



Peaches Christ Superstar

The outrageously immutable Peaches will parade through the Abbey Theatre as each and every member of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. A stage transformed into a subversive performance exploring censorship and the Canonical Gospels’ account of the last week of the life of Jesus Christ. A performance not to be missed!

Sold out!


Viva Voce, photo credit: Tristan McConnell

Viva Voce

Imbued with themes of femininity and mental poise; Lauren Shannon Jones delves into a mind-map of female insanity through the experiences of Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Diane Arbus and of course – Lauren Shannon Jones.



Trial of the Centurys

A comedic musical about fame, family, friendship and aliens created by Giles Brody and Bobby Ahern and starring the funniest of funny-men, Tony Cantwell and Kevin McGahern.

Also featuring artwork by former coffee|culture speaker, Ruan Van Vliet!


Sight Unseen

Fail to see all of the above? Score an all inclusive pass to the entire programme with the first improv troupe to grace the stage of the Fringe Festival. Autocorrebt will re-enact not-one, but every single show on the programme.