To celebrate Galway Culture Night, Above the Fold are teaming up with Coffeewerk + Press to host an inspiring evening of talks designed to explore and celebrate the many unique, slow and thoughtful process of creating present in the West of Ireland. We have invited a selection of speakers to present their body of work as we explore these deliberate methods of creating that promote a certain level of in-the-moment awareness and allow the maker to be in touch with the process, every step of the way.





Deirdre Duffy of Wild Cocoon

Deirdre Duffy is a gifted weaver hailing from Claremorris, Co. Mayo. With a degree in woven textiles from NCAD under her belt Deirdre set to work creating Wild Cocoon, a one woman weaving studio producing fine woven textiles on a loom operated solely by hand and foot, a true ode to slow creation. Intrinsically in touch with her materials, Deirdre has created a unique pattern reminiscent of traditional Aran knitting. Using only the finest lambs wool, and incorporating splashes of bold colour, Deirdre weaves life into her fresh and innovative pieces.

Wild Cocoon was chosen for Create at Brown Thomas two years in a row, and Deirdre was named Irish Accessory Designer of the Year at the Irish Innovation Awards. Deirdre’s passion for weaving has seen her company grow steadily, and her Scarves, Cowls and Blankets are now stocked internationally.



Shane O’Malley

Shane O’Malley is among a leading group of contemporary artists who have emerged from Ireland’s vibrant graffiti subculture, to work in the mediums of paint, murals and art installations. Originally from Navan, Shane now resides in Galway city and has exhibited and painted nationally and internationally. He is interested in the themes of identity, mental and emotional health, journey and self-hood. He has developed a unique visual language using bold colour and simple geometric shapes to communicate challenging concepts.



Daniel Ulrichs of Artwerk Press

Artwerk Press is a small design studio and publishing company based in the west of Ireland, and the latest creative endeavour from Daniel Ulrichs of Woodenn Heart and Coffeewerk + Press.

“Like the people who surround us, storytelling is the linchpin of what we do. We work with artists from all over the world. While each of these artists have created their own encapsulating body of work, they all have something in common: a story worth sharing”. That is the ethos of Artwerk Press and the inspiration behind the new collection of art-focused pieces.

“Our interest in curating varied expressions – from drawing and painting, to collage and mixed media – allows us to produce an engaging collection of postcards and greeting cards”. Daniel strives to instil a level of quality in the products that reflect the uniqueness of our artists’ work. Sourcing only the finest Italian paper, Daniel works closely with the printers throughout every step of the production process.


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