Above the Fold was set up to build a platform for the creative community in Ireland.

Above the Fold Creative Conference launched in May 2016 organised on nothing except passion, drive and a shoestring budget. We hosted pop-up events in Dublin and Galway, all of which have been free to attend. We persevered with minimum financial assistance, with the intention of celebrating creativity in Ireland. But the time has come to reach out for your support.

Our vision is to host a nationally renowned conference in the West of Ireland, designed to educate, support and celebrate emerging and established creatives in Ireland. With the help of our audience and guests, we can continue to programme Above the Fold events, which will integrate and support the creative community throughout Ireland.

Above the Fold has been running for 365 days, with minimum financial support. We hosted events that cost absolutely nothing to organise, and others that have cost us time, effort and an overdrawn bank account.

But we don’t want to volunteer anymore. We want our designers to get paid, we want our speakers to get fed, watered and appreciated. And more than anything, we want Above the Fold to thrive so we can hire a team of event managers, designers and staff that will strive to support and celebrate the creative community in Ireland.

We will persevere with this event, but we need your help to make this a reality by donating as little or as much as you can.

If you can’t afford to donate, please share our Kickstarter campaign to help make Above the Fold 2017 a reality. 

Your donations will contribute to:

Designers | Branding | Set-design | Printing | Photography | Food | Lunch | Dinner | Water | Caffeine | Insurance | Transport | Accommodation | Venue Hire | Production | Sound | Video | Recording | Venue Staff.

Thank you!